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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: James: Interpreters of All the General Epistles

HOLY FATHERS: Didymus Alexandrinus,[1] Œcumenius, Clement of Alexandria.

David Dickson

REFORMED: Alsted,[2] Aretius, Calvin, Gomarus. English: Dickson, Price.

LUTHERAN: Hemmingius, Heshusen, Horneius,[3] Sarcerius, Turnemainus.

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Felix Capito, Champier,[4] Catharinus, Estius, Feliciano,[5] Ferus, Guilliaud, Hessel, Justinianus, Lorinus, Prateolus, Primaticcius,[6] Serarius, Titelmans, Saint Thomas, Cajetan, Gagnæus.

ADD the Interpreters of all the Books of the New Testament above.

[1] Didymus the Blind (c. 313-398) was the head of the Catechetical School of Alexandria, and one of Jerome’s teachers. It is said that his commentaries covered almost the entirety of Scripture, but his work survives only in fragments. [2] Johann Heinrich Alsted (1588-1638) was a German Reformed Pastor, Theologian, and Encyclopedist. He served as Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Herborn (1608-1629). He commented on the Pentateuch and the General Epistles. [3] Conrad Horneius (1590-1649) was a German Lutheran philosopher and theologian, serving on the theological faculty at Helmstedt. He wrote commentaries on the General Epistles. [4] Symphorien Champier (1471-1539) was a French physician and writer. [5] Giovanni Bernardo Feliciano (1490-1552) was an Italian physician. He compiled Catena explanationum veterum sanctorum patrum: in Act Apostolorum et Epistolas Catholicas. [6] Gregorius Primaticcius (1490-1576) was an Italian Dominican theologian. He composed commentaries on the Pauline and Catholic Epistles.

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