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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Isaiah: Synoptic Outline

The Parts of this Book are four:

I. Prophecies concerning the Jewish people, Chapters 1-12. See:

1. Three visions under King Uzziah, chapters 1-5: in which are:

a. A penitential prayer: chapter 1.

b. A prediction of the Kingdom of Christ, chapters 2-4: in which are:

α. The mountain of the house of God to be exalted; the punishment of the Jews: chapter 2.

β. The punishments of the Jews, and the blessedness of the just: chapter 3.

γ. The shoot/sprout of the Lord: Zion to be purged: chapter 4.

c. The parable of the vineyard: the Sins of the people: chapter 5.

2. The vision under Jotham, wherein is the calling of the Prophet: chapter 6.

3. The vision under Azah, chapters 7-12: in which is Prophecy:

a. Concerning the fear of Ahaz, confirmed with the sign of a virgin bearing: chapter 7.

b. Sennacherib’s invasion, and against him consolation from the coming of Christ, the light shining: chapters 8:1-9:7.

c. The punishment of wicked men, the consolation of the pious, etc.: in which are:

α. The ruin of the people: chapter 9:8-21.

β. Consolation against the fear of Assyria: chapter 10.

γ. The rod of Jesse, the Kingdom of Christ: chapter 11.

δ. A hymn of the Church: chapter 12.

Ruins of Babylon

II. Prophecies against the nations, Chapter 13-28.

1. Against diverse nations, chapters 13-24.

a. Babylon, in which are:

α. The destruction of Babylon: chapter 13.

β. The Liberation of the Church, and a Song concerning the destruction of Babylon: chapter 14:1-27.

b. The Philistines, to be overthrown: chapter 14: 28-32.

c. The Moabites.

α. Their linked calamities: chapter 15.

β. Their duty, and the intensification of punishment: chapter 16.

d. The Syrians, to be conquered, and the ten tribes, to be deported: chapter 17.

e. The land overshadowed with wings of the Ethiopians: chapter 18.

f. Egypt, to be shaken in many ways: chapter 19.

g. The Egyptians and Ethiopians, to be trodden down by the Assyrians: chapter 20.

h. Babylon, Dumah, the Arabs: chapter 21.

i. The valley of vision, and in it Shebna: chapter 22.

k. Tyre.

α. To be devastated for weighty reasons: chapter 23.

β. To be most grievously punished, with the Kingdom of Jehovah succeeding it: chapter 24.

2. The doxologies of the Church, chapters 25, 26: in which are:

a. The giving of thanks for God’s deliverance, grace, and goodness: chapter 25.

b. A hymn to be sung after the event of the preceding: chapter 26.

3. A Prophecy against Leviathan, and a song of the best wine of the vineyard: chapter 27.

4. A Prophecy against the ten tribes, and the confidence to be placed in the stone of Zion: chapter 28.

Ruins of Jerusalem

III. A Prophecy concerning the destruction of the city, Chapters 29-39: in which are:

1. A Prophecy concerning destruction, chapters 29-31.

a. Against Ariel, Jerusalem: chapter 29.

b. Against the confidence of the Jews in the Egyptians, with grace promised to the penitent: chapter 30.

c. Faith to be placed in God, not in the Egyptians: chapter 31.

2. A Prophecy concerning a future, righteous King, His Kingdom and goods: chapter 32

3. Concerning the judgment of God against persecutors, chapters 33, 34: in which are:

a. The desolation of the plunderer: Zion to be placed in safety: chapter 33.

b. An anathema against the enemies of the Church: chapter 34.

4. A consolation set over against the destruction from the coming of Christ, and the calling of the nations: chapter 35.

5. History of the siege and of Hezekiah, chapters 36-39: in which are:

a. Sennacherib and Rabshakeh: chapter 36.

b. The prayer of Hezekiah, and the death of Sennacherib: chapter 37.

c. Hezekiah’s illness, the prolonging of his life, and his song: chapter 38.

d. The fall and repentance of the same: chapter 39.

IV. Prophecies concerning the redemption of mankind through Christ, Chapters 40-66: in which are Evangelical sermons:

1. Concerning the advent and eminence of Christ, chapters 40, 41: in which are:

a. A prediction of the forerunner, and a commendation of the Majesty of Christ: chapter 40.

b. The antithesis between Christ and idols: chapter 41.

2. Concerning the inauguration of Christ, chapters 42, 43: in which are:

a. The speech of God the Father concerning the elect Christ and to Christ: chapter 42.

b. Consolation of fearful believers: chapter 43.

3. Concerning Christ and Cyrus, chapters 44-49: in which are:

a. The confirmation of fearful believers, and their victory song: chapter 44.

b. Cyrus; the calling of the Gentiles: chapter 45.

c. Idolatry to be destroyed; the righteousness of Christ commended: chapter 46.

d. Babylon’s destruction, and its causes: chapter 47.

e. A rebuke of the Jews: Exodus out of Babylon: chapter 48.

f. A speech of Christ to the isles, and the consolation of the Church: chapter 49.

4. Concerning the rejection of the Synagogue, chapters 50, 51: in which are:

a. A diverse sent to the Synagogue: chapter 50.

b. The consolation of Zion: the Church’s prayers, fear, and patience: chapter 51.

5. Concerning liberation from captivity, and redemption through Christ, chapters 52, 53: in which are:

a. Liberation from Babylon, the preaching of the Gospel, the humanity and glory of Christ: chapter 52.

b. The sufferings and glory of Christ: chapter 53.

6. Various consolations and exhortations, chapters 54-60: in which are:

a. A rousing of the barren Church to rejoicing: chapter 54.

b. An invitation to Christ, and the eternal covenant: chapter 55.

c. The opportunity of the time commended: chapter 56.

d. A rebuke of hypocrites: chapter 57.

e. True fasting; a true Sabbath: chapter 58.

f. God’s reasons for the deserting of men; the faith of the Church in Christ: chapter 59.

g. Jerusalem shining: the inheritance of the Gentiles, etc.: chapter 60.

7. Concerning the works and gifts of Christ in the Church, chapter 61, 62.

a. Christ, anointed with the Spirit, preaches the Gospel, and the Church exults in Him: chapter 61.

b. The splendor of Zion; the zeal of believers: chapter 62.

8. Concerning the prayers of the Church, the rejection of the Jews, the calling of the Gentiles, and the Kingdom of Christ, chapters 63-66: in which are:

a. The reasons for the bloody death of Christ: a hymn of the Church: chapter 63.

b. The desire for the coming of the Lord: the confession of the Church: chapter 64.

c. The rejection of the Jews and the cause of the same, and the calling of the Gentiles: chapter 65.

d. The vain confidence of the Jews in external worship; the splendor and blessedness of the Kingdom of Christ: chapter 66.

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