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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Ecclesiastes: Synoptic Outline

The Parts:

I. The Thesis of the whole book, that all things are vain, Chapter 1:1, 2.

II. The demonstration of the thesis, with the introduction of appearances of the vanity, Chapters 1:3-12:7, in which are:

1. The vanities observed in the private experience of Solomon,

a. The labor of man convicted of vanity from the unchangeable course and difficulty of things: chapter 1:3-11.

b. From the kinds of works:

α. The Height of Wisdom: chapter 1:12-18.

β. Joy, laughter, great works, etc.: chapter 2.

2. Shared vanities, Chapters 3-5, in which are:

a. The alterations of things; the fragile labor of man concerning divine things, etc.: chapter 3.

b. Joy disturbed in a variety of ways: chapters 4:1-5:1.

3. Various proverbs, in which the vanity of human affairs is argued, and the life of man is informed: chapters 5:2-12:8.

III. The Conclusion of the book, wherein,

1. The Thesis initially propounded in concluded: chapter 12:8.

2. The use of the thesis, and the scope of the whole book, is established: chapter 12:9-14.

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Dr. Dilday
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