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Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Deuteronomy: Interpreters

HOLY FATHERS: Ambrose, Cyril of Alexandria, Gregory Nyssen,[1] Theodoret, Procopius, Bede, Rupertus, Quæstiones of Augustine.

REFORMED: Wolf.[2]

LUTHERAN: Bugenhagen,[3] Franz,[4] Gerhard,[5] Luther,[6] Pelargus.[7]

Johannes Bugenhagen

ROMAN CATHOLIC: Arias Montanus, Herbertus, Lorinus,[8] Abulensis,[9] Cajetan, Oleaster.

HEBREW: Siphra.

Let the Interpreters of the Books of the Old Testament and of the Pentateuch be added.

[1] Life of Moses.

[2] In Deuteronomium Sermonum Libri IV. Johannes Wolf (c. 1521-1572) was a Swiss Reformed pastor and theologian, serving at the Zurich Academy.

[3] Pomerani Annotationes in Deuteronomium, in Samuelem prophetam, id est, duos libros Regum.

[4] Disputationes per integrum Deuteronomium. Wolfgang Franz (1564-1628) was a German Lutheran theologian, serving as Professor of Theology at Wittenberg.

[5] Commentarius super Deuteronomium.

[6] Deuteronomion Mose cum annotationibus Martini Lutheri.

[7] In Deuteronomium Sacrum sive Quintum Librum Mosis Commentarius Christophori Pelargi.

[8] Commentarii in Deuteronomium.

[9] Commentaria in Deuteronomium.

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