Heidegger's Bible Handbook: 2 Corinthians: Synoptic Outline

The parts:

Ancient Macedonia

I. Narration of the journeys of Saint Paul, with various digressions interspersed: chapters 1-9: in which are:

1. A narration of those things that happened to Saint Paul in Asia: chapter 1:1-14.

2. The reason for the hindrance to his coming:

a. Not lightness, but so that he might spare the Corinthians: chapter 1:15-24.

b. So that sorrow might not afflict them: chapter 2:1-11.

3. The journey into Macedonia: chapters 2:12-7:4: in which are:

a. The reason for the journey into Macedonia: chapter 2:12, 13.

b. A digression, in which:

α. He commends the sincerity of his Gospel: chapter 2:14-17.

β. He extols his ministry above the ministry of the law: chapter 3.

γ. He explains his method of preaching in sincerity, not without manifold infirmity: chapter 4.

δ. He asserts the hope of glory, and the effects of his ministry: chapter 5.

ε. He advises the Preachers of the Gospel and the Corinthians of their duty: chapter 6.

ζ. He clears himself of affected tyranny: chapter 7:1-4.

4. His coming into Macedonia: chapters 7:5-9:15: in which are:

a. His coming into Macedonia, his joy on account of Titus, his affections toward the Corinthians: chapter 7:5-16.

b. His exhortation to liberality, with the examples of the Macedonians, of Christ, etc.: