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De Moor V:21: The Deity of Christ Demonstrated from Divine Attributes, Part 1

2. From the Divine Attributes: For, to whom all the Attributes of God, altogether Incommunicable, apply, He is the True God: for these are Properties of God, which do not differ from His Essence.

Now, these Divine Attributes are: α. Both Personal, which indicate the personal and peculiar Character, the Mode of Subsistence, whereby One, as a divine Person, is distinguished from the other divine Persons, like Going Forth from the Father by divine and eternal Generation, hence as the Image of the Father representing Him most perfectly, and having with the Father the Spirit subsisting from Him, Micah 5:2; John 16:14; Hebrews 1:3; of which passages there has already been discussion above, § 2, 8, 11. On Hebrews 1:3, see also BECMANN’S Exercitationes Theologicas, Exercitation XII, pages 185-188.

β. And Official, to which pertain His Mediatorial Functions, Prophetic, Sacerdotal, and Royal. Indeed, the Son of God, as Mediator, was obliged to be such a Prophet who was not only preaching externally, but was also illuminating the mind and prevailing upon the heart internally; and also was working Miracles by His own power for the confirmation of His doctrine. A Priest, who by the infinite merit of His death and obedience was satisfying infinite divine Justice, and was acquiring eternal redemption for us; and by His ever efficacious intercession before the Father, depending upon His own and altogether full merits, was abundantly providing all the necessities of His people. A King, who by His Word and Spirit together was efficaciously ruling His Church, and was powerfully protecting it against the assaults of Satan and the world. None of which were able to be done by a mere man or creature, but were requiring Him, who was funished with infinite Essence and Power: and so these Gifts ascribed to the Son of God verily imply His Deity: compare Chapter 20, especially § 7, 17, 33.

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