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De Moor IV:31: The Eternity of God

Finally, Eternity is to be claimed for God, an Eternity altogether distinct from all Æon and Time. Time, of course, is the measure of created duration, which is able to be measured; a quantity continuously flowing, whereby a creature passes from the end of one moment to the new beginning of another. In time an Æon is contained, αἰὼν, as if ἀεὶ ὢν, always being; by which Æon, when a Universal, not a particular, Æon is indicated, is understand a measure of duration that is without any end whatsoever; yet it is measured by its beginning and perpetual succession: which sort of Æon ought to be attributed to Angels and to rational Souls. Eternity, on the other hand, is duration without any measure; it excludes measure by what is previous, what is afterwards, and what is in the midst: and so in a sense far more emphatic we speak of Eternity here, which, when it is at any time attributed to created to created things, it is taken in a restricted and relative sense, either for an æon/age, or for a period longer and the end of which is hidden.

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