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De Moor IV:19: Classification of God's Attributes: Proper and Metaphorical

The Attributes of God are divided in various ways: α. Into Proper and Metaphorical. Unto the Metaphorical Attributes human Affections ought to be referred; it will be demonstrate below in § 26 that such do not properly apply to God. Unto the Metaphorical Attributes are also referred other metaphors from created things, under which God comes, when He is called a Rock, a roaring Lion, a consuming Fire. But the Proper Attributes are expressed concerning God in a proper sense, when He is called Good, Wise, Just. These Proper Attributes are directly, of themselves, and primarily applied to God, and God is God before He communicated any vestige of His goodness to creatures. But Metaphorical Attributes are attributed to Him indirectly and secondarily, inasmuch as to roar is properly applicable to a Lion, and only secondarily to God.

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