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Old Testament Survey

...getting focused on the Savior Christ


Getting the Most out of this Course

Welcome to OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY:  The Promise of the Messiah!

We only have a few weeks to get ready for our studies, and we have some preparatory work to do.


Here is how to get the most out of each week's study:

1.  First of all, pray.  Apart from the help of the Holy Spirit, we cannot interpret God's Word rightly nor savingly.

2.  My recommendations for each week's study is a graduated approach, so that you can tailor your studies to your own schedule:


a.  Everyone should either participate in class (7pm, Tuesday Nights) or watch the video (anytime).  I will do my best to make sure that the best material is presented and summarized there.

b.  It is recommended that you work your way through Johann Heinrich Heidegger's Handbook of the Bible.  [You can learn more about Heidegger here, and his Handbook here.]  Although this reading is not absolutely necessary for understanding and profiting from the lectures, for this little bit of reading, you will get much more out of the course.  Highly recommended!


c.  If you have time and inclination to go a little deeper, I recommend following along in A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament (ed. Miles Van Pelt).  If you are thus inclined, this would be a good time to purchase a copy, and read the Prefatory Material and Introduction.

d.  You may want to dip into other resources also.  A couple of other good introductory surveys:  An Introduction to the Old Testament (Dillard and Longman), An Introduction to the Old Testament (the classic by E.J. Young).  Other resources will be suggested as we tackled particular Biblical Books and topics.

May the Most High God bless you as you prepare for our kick-off on Tuesday night, July 24, at 7pm.

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(in case you have not already watched them)

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Additional Introductory Readings

Reading Difficult Books:  A Personal Reminiscence by Dr. Steven Dilday

If you are interested in reading on particular books or topics now, please put in your request in the discussion box below; and I will recommend some books or articles.

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