Heidegger's Bible Handbook: Mark: Synoptic Outline

The parts:

John the Baptist

I. The history of the ministry of John: chapter 1:1-8.

II. Christ’s preparation to undertake His office: chapter 1:9-13.

III. Christ’s actions, teaching, and miracles: chapters 1:14-13:37: where are:

1. Christ’s preaching in Galilee; a demoniac and leper healed: chapter 1:14-45.

2. A paralytic healed; the calling of Matthew: chapter 2.

3. One having a withered hand, many others, and demoniacs also, set free. The ordination of the Apostles; the blasphemy of Holy Spirit: chapter 3.

4. Parables of the sower, of the seed, of a grain of mustard; the rebuke of the sea: chapter 4.

5. A demoniac, Jairus, and the woman with the issue of blood: chapter 5.

6. Despised in His own country; the mission of the disciples; the martyrdom of John; the miracle of the five loaves; the walk upon the sea: chapter 6.

7. The traditions of the Pharisees; the daughter of the Syrophenician woman; one deaf and mute: chapter 7.

8. The seven loaves; those seeking a sign; the leaven of the Pharisees; a blind man cured; opinions concerning Christ; His sufferings foretold; following Christ: chapter 8.

9. Transfiguration on the mount; a lunatic; His sufferings foretold; the first place among the Apostles: chapter 9.

10. Divorce; the blessing of little children; the rich young man; His sufferings foretold; the sons of Zebedee; Bartimæus: chapter 10.

11. Entrance into Jerusalem; the cursing of the fig tree; the money-changers expelled; the question concerning the baptism of John: chapter 11.

12. Parable of the vineyard and farmers; the Sadducees refuted; the principal commandment; Hypocrites; the poor widow: chapter 12.

13. The destruction of Jerusalem, and the end of the world: chapter 13.

IV. The sufferings of Christ: chapters 14, 15: where are:

1. The conspiracy of the Priests; the Passover; the Lord’s Supper; distress on the Mount of Olives; capture; the condemnation of the Jews; the denial of Peter: chapter 14.

2. Delivery into the hands of Pilate; crucifixion; death; burial: chapter 15.

V.The glory of Christ’s resurrection and ascension into Heaven:chapter 16.

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